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Ashcraft & Associates, LLC. is dedicated to delivering cost-effective innovative solutions requiring the practical application of technology to business needs. The company operates as a Center of Excellence, utilizing highly qualified personnel distinguished by the breath and depth of their technical and business knowledge.

The two principal owners of the company have over 60 years of experience delivering state-of-the-art custom software solutions that are both on time and on target for their Fortune 50 clients in diverse industries that range from aerospace, and banking, to pharmaceuticals, and telephony. All clients requiring solutions that are accurate as well as timely and cost efficient. One principal authored seminal papers on software quality metrics and their practical application while at Bell Labs in the , early 80’s. The other participated as a lead architect and developer while at Bell Labs of the first commercial system to utilize C++ and the principles of object oriented architecture and design. The enduring nature of both of their contributions can be seen in the acceptance of software quality as a given and in the fact that the C++ project which utilized those early metrics is still running today, over 25 years later, and services 20 times the capacity that was originally specified.

In addition to their own passionate needs to achieve excellent results, they are able to inspire the efforts of others and create a work environment where all personnel involved in a project are enabled and encouraged to be the best that they can be and take pride in turning out precision crafted and well-tested products.

We like to view ourselves as “master builders” of software, marrying the knowledge of leading edge technologies with time-honored principles of craftsmanship to create durable products. We build software built to last.
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